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Adair- APA-91 - History

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A town in Puerto Rico.

(AK: dp. 7,050, 1. 350'; b. 46'9";dr. 20'6"; s, 10 k,;cpl. 70; a. 1 5", 1 3")

Corozal, a cargo ship, was built in 1911 by Newport News Shipbuilding Co., Newport News, VA.; transferred from the Shipping Board 18 March 1918; and commissioned 28 March 1918, Lieutenant Commander A. W. McNeill, USNRF, in command.

Assigned to the Naval Overseas Transportation Service, Corozal cleared New York 6 April 1918, loaded cargo at Jacksonville, Fla., and coal at Norfolk, and joined a convoy at New York which sailed for Nantes 23 April. After delivering her cargo, Corozal returned to New York for repairs 10 June. Between 28 June and 15 December, she twice more carried coal to Nantes, and her last voyage, from 6 January to 27 March 1919 was to Bochefort, France, and Rotterdam, Holland. Corozal was decommissioned 28 April 1919 and delivered to the Shipping Board the same day for return to her owners.

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