They discover a Thracian sanctuary under a mosque in Bulgaria

They discover a Thracian sanctuary under a mosque in Bulgaria

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A great Thracian shrine, which may be a necropolis, has been discovered in the city of Karlovo by Bulgarian archaeologists who were excavating a mosque from the 15th century, a historical monument from when Bulgaria was part of the Ottoman Empire.

The discovery of the Thracian sanctuary has been made public thanks to Kostadinov Kisyov, director of the Plovdiv Museum of Archeology, who participates as an expert in the evaluation commission of the excavations in the mosque.

"To our surprise, unearthed the foundations of the mosque was a remnant of the ancient Thracians that we believe are part of a sanctuary but we still cannot be sure, since it may also be a necropolis," Kisyov explained in Radio Plovdiv.

Kisvoy has commented that the Thracian shrine below the mosque must have been from the 5th or 6th century BC, from the period of the Odrysian kingdom that developed in the second half of the first millennium BC. The sanctuary has been dated thanks to the discovery of a silver coin, a tetradrachm, from an ancient Greek colony in Apollonia Pontica, today known as Sozopol in Bulgaria, on the southern coast of the Black Sea, and Thracian ceramics. The Greek silver coin has been dated between 440-400 BC.

«The coin is perfectly preserved. It has the drawing of an anchor on one side and on the other the mythical creature of Medusa«, Kisvov explained and added:«The sanctuary is indeed a somewhat unique discovery«. Kisyov points out that the ruins of the Thracian shrine they are at a depth of 1.7 meters and it is the first structure of the Odrysian kingdom that has been found in the Karlovo region.

While the ottoman mosque It was built directly on top of the ruins of the Thracian sanctuary, the sanctuary was larger than the Muslim temple and Bulgarian archaeologists have not yet determined its scope.

'In general, Thracian shrines were made of stone and clay with a wall of two or three meters and usually had no roof. The sanctuaries are used to pray, make sacrifices to the gods ... it could become a Thracian necropolis so we could find tombs with their stocks. This would make the finding even more interesting, ”Kisyov commented.

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