The 'Peking Man' used fire 600,000 years ago

The 'Peking Man' used fire 600,000 years ago

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Have been found new evidence of the use of fire by the 'Peking Man' , ancestor of modern man, 600,000 years ago at an archaeological site near Beijing.

Archaeologists have spent three years excavating in western Beijing and according to Gao Xing, a researcher at the Institute of Paleontology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, they were discovered at the site. a place to make fire and burned rocks and bones.

Some animal bones were completely charred and had turned black, both inside and out”Gao explained. "We can say that, based on these findings, that they are the result of having made fire"Gao adds, and other places to make fire surrounded by stones have also been found.

The Peking Man remains They were discovered in 1920, including a whole skull, which gave Zhoukoudian the fame of being one of the places of origin of mankind.

Ashes, burned bones and rocks, as well as charred seeds were found in 1929 according to Gao, which is why many archaeologists concluded that Peking Man knew how to use fireBut there was always a lot of skepticism on this question.

"The evidence we have now is more convincing," Gao said. "Now we have found evidence that had not been touched and was not damaged."

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