François Gobinet, author of the first photograph of Girona who was in Dublin

François Gobinet, author of the first photograph of Girona who was in Dublin

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The National Library of Ireland kept the first photograph of the city of Girona, the one that dates around 1852, is a view to the river Onyar. Currently in the place is the Iron Bridge, which when the photograph was taken was not yet built. The Girona City Council's Center for Research and Dissemination of the Imaging (CRDI) received the image that was kept in Dublin.

The photograph was taken by François Gobinet, French photographer living in Barcelona since 1849 who set up a photographic studio that gained a lot of prestige. The original of the image is preserved in Dublin, it is a salt paper made from a calotype. The CRDI learned of the image from a calotype sample exhibited at the Museum of the University of Navarra in the first four months of this year.

Until the discovery of this photograph, the oldest image of Girona that was preserved was the view of the Stone Bridge from the sand.

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Calotype was the first photographic technique that allowed many copies to be made from a single paper negative. Its inventor was Willian Fox Talbot and patented it in England in 1841.

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