They will carry out DNA tests on the priestess of Chornancap

They will carry out DNA tests on the priestess of Chornancap

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Specialists Peabody Museum of Archeology and Ethnology at Harvard University, will analyze the DNA of the remains of a skeleton from the Chornancap site, that of a priestess, a woman of the high hierarchy of the Lambayeque culture, to determine her genetic history.

The study will also investigate the relationship of this personality with the rest of the people with whom she was buried. The bioarchaeological tests have the objective of clarifying the different theories that exist about the burials of that time, which grouped both figures of the elites and their servants, although some researchers believe that the bodies correspond to close relatives of the former.

According to Carlos Wester la Torre, director of the National Archaeological Museum of Brüning, some DNA sequences will be analyzed and biochemical patterns will be examined. "The DNA tests have the objective of determining if the eight companions found with the priestess were relatives and if they were natives of the region or came from abroad," Wester explained.

Peru does not have the physical and chemical laboratory means necessary to analyze remains of this antiquity, so the United States, Japan and England will do so as part of a cooperation project.

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