Barns from Roman times discovered in Tripoli

Barns from Roman times discovered in Tripoli

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Nail 1,900-year-old structures They were discovered during archaeological excavations in the ancient city of Tripoli. According to official sources, the structures were used as barns.

The head of the excavations, Professor Bahadir Duman from the Department of Archeology at Pamukkale University, has explained that the excavations began in March.

“The barn area is one of the places where we have been working this year. These show the agricultural activities that were practiced in this area during ancient times. We have analyzed these structures with the support of biology and geology professors and now we are working to find what types of grain were produced here.

In addition, he has said that the granaries were probably built during Roman times and that they hope to find more barns than have been found so far, since the work they have carried out with geo-radar indicates the existence of several more.

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