Reyes Monforte wins the Alfonso X El Sabio Historical Novel Prize 2015 with "A Russian passion"

Reyes Monforte wins the Alfonso X El Sabio Historical Novel Prize 2015 with

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The novel awarded this year with the Alfonso X el Sabio Historical Novel Award is ‘A Russian Passion‘, which will go on sale on August 27. Its author is the Spanish journalist and writer Reyes Monforte, who wins this award in its XIV edition, organized by Editorial Espasa and is organized in collaboration with the Caja Castilla-La Mancha Foundation.

A russian passion‘Narrates the life of Lina Codina (Madrid 1897-London 1989), a Spanish woman who married the Russian composer Serguei Prokófiev (1891-1953). Codina was held in a gulag, after her husband was indicted by the Soviet authorities. Codina was a very cosmopolitan woman, she was the daughter of Juan Codina, a Barcelona tenor, and Olga Nemiskaia, a Warsaw aristocrat and opera singer. She studied in Switzerland, Italy and then New York and it was there that she met her husband in 1918.

The first years of their marriage were in the Paris of the avant-garde where the couple frequented a circle of exclusive intellectuals and artists. Due Prokofiev, the couple moved to the Soviet Union and there they were received with high honors until shortly after they began to suffer the Stalinist tricks and the deterioration of their relationship. After World War II, Codina was falsely accused and sent to a gulag where she was held until the death of her husband and Stalin, on March 5, 1953.

113 novels have been presented from Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Cuba, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Venezuela, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, France, England and the United States, among others. The award of the prize is endowed with 30,000 euros.

Reyes Monforte is a renowned Spanish journalist who has directed and presented radio programs for fifteen years, has also worked in television and is currently a columnist for ‘La Razón’. Monforte's first book, 'A burka for love'In 2007 it was a best-seller that has now been in 52 editions and a miniseries was even shown on television, followed by more than four million viewers.

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